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Our packages are the perfect solution if you want to explore Paris off the beaten tourist path, or if you are looking for the best the city has to offer on a specific topic.

Paris, tailored to you.

Discover Paris beyond the tourist sites with recommendations that match YOUR taste.

Paris is more than standing in line for the Eiffel Tower, rude waiters, 6-euro espressos and the crowds at the Louvre.

Paris is a neighborhood bar where the same people have been meeting for twenty years, a tucked-away bistro with a fresh take on French classics, croissants so buttery you could grease gears with it, some of the hottest nightclubs in Europe where artists and creatives rub shoulders with the jeunesse dorée, the bustling markets in the early morning hours, the calm of lesser-known green spaces, a bottle of crisp natural wine on a sunny terrace, bold art and beauty that will blind you.

Paris is loud and chaotic and snobbish and warm and exciting and simply wonderful as soon as you step away from the tourist sites.

The advantages of ‘Where should I go?’

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Instead of researching your trip for hours, just take a few minutes to fill out our form and we’ll do the rest for you.

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Local insiders

We live in Paris and are out in the city every day to make sure we are always up to date and know all the best places.

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Made for you

You’ll receive a tailor-made travel guide from us that will enable you to experience the Paris of your dreams.

Get your personalized travel guide

Ready to discover your Paris? Tell us what you are looking for and we will find it!

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Where should you go next?

I thoroughly enjoyed the suggestions from Linda and Jérémy, from the deliciously unconventional food-choices to the cultural nightlife.
I felt like I got a whole week of Paris in three days.

-Nils S., Bern (CH)

Our package will give you two days of bliss and romance and will make you fall in love all over again - with your partner and with Paris.

Le Romantic Weekend
Heading 5

Multicultural, trendy, creative: explore the east of Paris, which has become the unofficial artist district and a hotspot for foodies.

Le Neighborhood Guide: Belleville & Ménilmontant
Heading 5

The perfect guide for first-timers contains everything you need to feel like a true Parisian and is filled to the brim with local favorites.

Le Starter Package
Heading 5

French cuisine is all about meat and butter. Our package ensures you'll eat well without compromising your convictions or your taste.

Le Vegan
Heading 5

Discover this eclectic district that has blessedly remained tourist-free despite its wide range of restaurants, cafés and stores.

Le Neighborhood Guide: Jules Joffrin
Heading 5

Don’t let the bad weather stop you from exploring - there’s plenty to do inside. We’ve got you covered with ten unique activities. 

Le Paris in the Rain
Heading 5
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